Sore Thumb Communications is all about quality marketing. It provides a wide variety of options and services to meet individual clients’ needs. Born from a need to step outside of the lines, Sore Thumb Communications aspires to combine creativity and measurable results.


The company’s founder, Candice Dehnbostel, has worked in the communications field for more than 10 years, with experience in office, freelance and agency settings. After studying professional journalism at the University of Minnesota, Candice moved to the realm of marketing where she has supplied public relations, social media and advertising answers for print, broadcast and online media needs. In her spare time she enjoys seeing live music in the Twin Cities, block printing and serving as a member on the Board of Directors for Sol Inspirations, a non-profit organization that promotes and educates consumers about sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle products.

10 Random Facts About Sore Thumb Communications

  1. We don’t believe fun and hard work are mutually exclusive.
  2. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  3. We love working in the Arts District of NE Minneapolis.
  4. We support NPR and PBS.
  5. We have a bit of a geeky streak aka much love for the likes of Star Trek and Doctor Who.
  6. We believe music in the work place makes the heart grow fonder and the brain work harder.
  7. We love puns.
  8. We get excited about grammar.
  9. We’re cat people.
  10. We enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb!